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September 2010 Article “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” (Part 2)


`Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God’ Part 2 by Mikki Nyaga

Last month, I talked about what Jesus said regarding seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. The scriptures
pointed us to the fact that we must make a decision as to whether we would serve mammon or the Lord of Glory. I am not emphasizing seeking the Kingdom of God simply for monetary gain. Let me put it this way, if we serve God because of financial pressures only, then when the pressures are eased,weleaveoffservingHim. Thatisa very low level of relationship.
However, if we seek God because of a love and appreciation that we have for Him and because of the love that he has for us, then we have a real friendship. In fact, as we fellowship with the Lord, we learn more about Him and He reveals more of his ways to us.

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