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November 2010 “Visitation with the Lord (July 20th 2010)”


An amazing visitation with the Lord Jesus on July 20th 2010!

On July 20th 2010 around mid-day, and as I was doing a job in Winter Haven Florida, I was caught up in the Spirit above the earth with what I can only describe as an invisible elevator. In just a few seconds I found myself looking down on the earth. The Lord Jesus was to my right side. The awesomeness of the His presence was indescribable. As I looked down to the earth, I saw people including ministers of the Gospel, pastors and everyone else so busy in their schedules. They appeared restless and caught up in the pressures of life. Then I said aloud before the master “Lord they are like ants, they are so busy!” The Lord replied softly with these amazing words..

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