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I believe that the messages contained in these articles will encourage you to take your place in your calling in the Body of Christ. God is calling a body of believers to be on the forefront in this final hour and to be the light of the lost and dying world. Please feel free to download or translate these articles to share with your friends!

Good News MCM Publications / Articles

  1. The Power of believing 

  2. Possessing the promises 

  3. Compassion beyond description 

  4. A Covenant of blood 

  5. Sharing in the blessing 

  6. Receiving and sharing Agape Love

  7. Looking Beyond  into the Supernatural

  8. Your Seat of Authority in the Kingdom 

  9. One thing is needful – The Love of God 

  10. Leaving a legacy for our children

  11. Understanding the Love of God 

  12. Launch out into the deep

  13. Faith verses Facts (Part 1) 

  14. Faith verse Facts (Part 2) 

  15. Fortress

  16. Agape Love

  17. Great Passion 

  18. God’s Riches In Glory Revealed

  19. Spirit Of Faith Never Quits

  20. Through Faith And Patience we Inherit God’s Promises

  21. Your Greatest Investment

  22. Understanding Faith, Expectation & Patience

  23. How To Possess The Promises of God

  24. Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God (Part 1) 

  25. Seek Ye First The Kingdom  of God (Part 2)

  26. You Must Belong Before You Can Go

  27. An amazing visitation with the Lord

  28. The Love of God Never Fails

You should be able to view or download the newsletters from your computer as a pdf file. If for some reason you are not able to download the articles, you may need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to “” and download the free software. After you have downloaded the software, follow the instructions for installing it. You should now be able to view the newsletters. God Bless You!

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