Our New ebook “Inheriting God’s Best”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Essential Reading For the Body of Christ, May 21, 2012

Pastors Patrick and Mikki Nyaga present an insightful, illuminating study of the ways that believers can inherit God’s best in every area of life. The book is extremely well-written, down-to-earth, and Scripturally sound. This is a life-changing publication that all believers — pastors and lay members alike should include in their libraries. It is an especially affordble book — which makes it even more desirable. I am excited to see such a book in print, and I look forward to reading more from these two individuals. By Ms. Queen

Katherine Tanzillo comments on May 26, 2012 6:19:08 AM PDT; This is so well studied and written. You see the simple process of God bringing you into the life of blessing. It was an on time Word for me to strengthen, encourage, exhort and correct me. This book is scripturally sound, easy to read and understand, and I know personally, that Pastors Patrick and Mikki Nyaga live what they believe and teach. What a blessing to the Body of Christ this book will be and to those seeking to know who God is. I highly recommend this book. God’s hand truly is on it to bless and teach all the nations!

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  5. Scribd – A  place great preview of this book 

We believe that this book will be an inspiration to all audiences who desire to develop a daily walking relationship with God. We have included subjects with our real life stories and testimonies both while in Africa and in the United States that will minister life to every believer in today’s society and generation. Because of today’s busy pace, many leaders have been cut off from spending time in the Word of God and fellowshipping with our creator – our Heavenly Father. The Lord spoke to Patrick during an experience he had with Him in July 2010 and said “Son, everything is in my presence”.

It is power packed with scriptures that will take you right into the presence of God…  If you are interested in getting a copy online, please leave us a comment or email us


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