Giving to MCM Online

Your contributions will help to support MCM’s local, national and international mission outreaches as we grow and strengthen the body of Christ! Missions for Christ Ministries, Inc is a Non-Profit organization. All of your financial donations are tax deductible.

You may give online through PayPal using your debit card, credit card, or PayPal account (not required). It’s safe, simple and secure – all you’ll need are a few minutes to go through the process. Online transactions are made through and protected by the secure services of PayPal.

Click on the donate button below and follow the PayPal information provided. Please designate your financial gift to the mission you desire.

Online Giving is Secured by PAYPAL:

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Giving

Q. How does Online Giving Work?

A. Click the appropriate button above. Type the amount you wish to send. Log in or click continue to make a one-time transaction.

Q. I had a problem with the giving process, or a question I need to ask. Who do I contact?

A. You can contact Mikki Nyaga via email at or call 863 698 4587

Q. Does online giving require some extra fees or costs?

A. Not to you. The full amount that you choose to donate goes to Missions for Christ Ministries, Inc for mission designation.  There is a small fee to the ministry for the processing of credit and debit cards.

Q. Why do you ask me for my address and other information?

A. This information is needed to confirm that your debit, credit, or bank information really belongs to you. It is also the information that the church needs in order to make sure that your year-end contribution statement gets to you for your tax purposes.

Q. How is my contribution documented?

A. Missions for Christ Ministries receives notice every time you make a contribution online. Using the address information you provide, your contribution is recorded in our records. You will also receive a receipt email from PayPal that you should keep.

Q. Does online giving put my sensitive financial information at risk?

A. Online giving is actually less risky than handwritten checks. An online transaction cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed in the mail. Web-based giving through PayPal has an extremely high rate of accuracy, and it is also easier for church accounting processes. When you give through PayPal, the church does NOT see sensitive details like your debit card or bank account number.

If you wish to mail your contributions you can mail them to the address below. Send your donations to:

Missions for Christ Ministries, Inc P.O Box 7721, Lakeland Florida 33807

Make checks payable to Missions for Christ Ministries, Inc

Important Notice:

Missions for Christ Ministries, Inc does not have access to the financial information of online donors.

Thank you for giving to MCM missions!

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